“Make your customers matter”


If our intent is to really put our customers in the center of our businesses, then it is essential to involve them to understand them, to inspire them to motivate them and to give them the experience they deserve to earn their trust.


In a world where change is a constant, we need to continually change with it. Our strategies, ability to execute and how we communicate with our internal and external customers determine what they experience. Experience is a moment of truth and therefore always true, it steers our perception and defines our behaviour.

our mission

“To enable commercial and non-profit organisations to exceed their objectives by creating positive, memorable & sustainable customer experiences”

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Customer Experience Based Research & Consulting

Customer Experience Based Research & Consulting is all about asking the questions that need to be asked to gain the knowledge necessary to drive value to your customers.

  • Customer Focus Interviews, both internally and externally
  • Customer Journey Workshops to gain insights and to assess needs & requirements
  • Customer Experience Strategy & Development 

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Customer Experience Based Selling

Customer Experience Based Selling is all about applying the learnings and strategies developed through Customer Experience Based Research & Consulting.

  • Direct & Indirect Sales Trainings & Workshops based upon Customer Experience as the driver
  • Customer Acquisition, Retention & Loyalty Program Development up to and including Experience Centre Development
  • Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitation Services

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Customer Experience Based Transformation

Experience Based Transformation is all about Cultural & Business Transformation achieved through the development and adoption of core values, strategies and technologies.

  • Interim Management Services  
  • Customer Success Management Programs
  • Customer and Core Value Development & Adoption Programs

our services

TEoC provides customer experience services such as customer focus interviews, research, workshops, interim management, speaking & event facilitation to medium, large and multi-national companies in Europe & North America.

Customer Journey Mapping

consulting & workshops

Training & Speaking

our customers

Founded by David Savage, TEoC is the result of years of experience in the world of technology, sales, marketing and change management.

A few years ago, I came to the realisation that expertise loves to talk with expertise, it’s human nature, but often times bad for business. Why is that? Expertise is all too often buried in acronyms, jargon, subject complexity, personal ego’s & objectives. If we approach things from an expert perspective, we can lose sight of the big picture.

The big picture is where customers decide whether or not you are worth their attention. Customers want to feel like they matter!!! To do so we must communicate with them, not to them. To do so we must understand what is relevant.  To understand their stakeholders and the true needs and objectives of their customers.

So that’s really where the idea for TEoC was born. What are the questions that need to be asked that will lead to more satisfied customers? What drives your customer experience strategy and how will innovation & behavioural change enable your business to transform?

Together with you we want to focus on creating an understanding of possibilities. That said, that something is possible doesn’t necessarily mean it is relevant to your customers. Together, let’s create the experience necessary to help you better connect your customer’s needs & objectives with your promises. At the end of the day, that’s what will resonate.


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