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Sometimes all you need is some ingenuity to race.

The countdown has begun. Years of evolving, months of preparation since that moment in the summer of 2017 when I decided to set up a new company. So, without further ado… “Let’s do this!!!” Over the past several years I’ve had countless conversations with senior company leaders, customers and employees of every department imaginable, talking about their business needs and objectives. I’ve been told sales teams have a tendency to focus too much on product. I’ve been told that customer relationships need to evolve and become more senior. I’ve been told that content needs to be more relevant etc. It’s the same situation time and time again, people of all levels looking for the magical answers to what will help them grow, transform and be ready for the future. I believe that the real answers to the questions are in the questions themselves. Expertise loves to talk with expertise, it’s human nature, but often times it’s bad for business. That something is possible doesn’t necessarily solve problems, communicating and being able to create an understanding of benefits for all involved, does. But how do you do that? Through experience. It’s all about the experience… the questions we ask, the stories we tell, the change we become. Experience isn’t a check in the box after the fact, it’s the DNA to the entire customer journey. I founded TEoC because I believe that companies become more successful through providing positive, memorable and sustainable customer experiences to both their internal and external customers. Thank you for your interest!!! 

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